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“I started reading The Big Dead Dry 3 days ago and just finished it. The story draws you in and I couldn’t put the book down as I kept wanting to know what happened next. The characters in Brum(b)y Flat are so interesting and the love affairs are so hot & spicy! Loved this book and can’t wait for the sequel!!!” – from Nancy, 5 stars out of 5 review in Amazon & Austin MaCauley

‘Hi. My sister….bought me your book for Christmas and I read it today. A page turner and an enjoyable read, thank you. And congratulations on the major achievement of writing your first novel and having it published” – from S. T.


Sunday 7 August 2022 – Saddleworth Country Market, SA – from 9am to 1.30pm

Saturday 13 August 2022- Clare Show Market, Main Street, Ennis Park and the Clare Town Hall, Clare SA – from 9am to 1pm



Would you drive into a small Australian town in drought, packed with intrigue, lust and murder?
Brumby Flat, a small country town in South Australia, suddenly rises to notoriety and becomes the centre of the world through a baffling series of murders and accidental deaths.
Raquel Willaston and her son, Steve, have just moved into town, and Raquel soon gets caught up in the local goings on, whether she wants to or not, and a love entanglement she’d rather not deal with.
The quiet arrival of a mysterious homeless man and his subsequent brutal murder at the base of the town silos is the catalyst for the chaos which erupts.
City-based Senior Detective Phillip Duncan is in charge of the ensuing investigations and has to cope with some colourful and quirky characters to find out who the killer is. There’s Anabella Williams who wears vintage clothes and still lives in the 1950s and is renowned for her ‘killer cakes’. Famous silo mural painter Phil Proctor, newly arrived from New York, seems to know more than he lets on. There’s Chris Jones, an ex-military officer, who lives his life with military-like precision. Bridie Browne, who runs the local post office, seems more preoccupied with the male of the species rather than actually sorting mail.
And then there’s ‘The Raindrops Shop’ run by Bette Mitchell which offers a range of merchandise completely at odds with a town in the middle of a two-year drought.
Nothing is as it seems in Brumby Flat. It’s going to be a tough ask to identify the serial killer hiding amongst them.

(PLEASE NOTE: there are steamy sex scenes)

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